Watercolor green lines Custom Bedding Set

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Style: Duvet cover set

Duvet cover set
Comforter set

Size: Twin

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Fabric Type: Polyester

Verdant Oasis Series:

The Verdant Oasis series invites you into a lush paradise of greenery, where verdant leaves sway gently in a sun-dappled glade. Each pattern celebrates the intricate beauty of foliage, weaving a tapestry of botanical wonder that breathes life into any space.


Rendered in a captivating watercolor style, the Verdant Oasis series captures the vibrant hues and delicate textures of lush foliage. Each leaf is lovingly painted with meticulous detail, from the graceful arch of a fern frond to the intricate veins of a tropical palm. The palette of rich greens and soft earth tones imbues the design with a naturalistic charm, creating a verdant oasis that beckons you to immerse yourself in its tranquil embrace.


The Verdant Oasis series aims to:

  • Bring the beauty of nature indoors, infusing any space with a sense of vitality and serenity.
  • Create a calming and refreshing atmosphere, reminiscent of a peaceful stroll through a botanical garden.
  • Inspire a connection with the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for the wonders of plant life and the importance of preserving our environment.
Additional Information

Duvet cover set, Comforter set


Twin, Full, Queen, King, CUSTOM SIZE

Quality Statement for Bedding:

Crafted with premium microfiber fabric, Sleepbella's bedding sets are designed for enduring elegance. Easy to clean and maintain, our bedding simplifies your daily routine. Resistant to fading, shrinkin after washing, ensures lasting beauty and durability. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our products, from the selection of materials to meticulous craftsmanship. We prioritize comfort and relaxation, ensuring a restful sleep every night. Invest in Sleepbella for superior quality, effortless care, and timeless elegance.

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Other info


Twin Size: Set includes 2 pieces: 1 comforter/duvet cover (68"x90") and 1 pillow sham (20"x26").
Full Size: Set includes 3 pieces: 1 comforter/duvet cover (80"x90") and 2 pillow shams (20"x26").
Queen Size: Set includes 3 pieces: 1 comforter/duvet cover (90"x90") and 2 queen pillow shams (20"x26").
King Size: Set includes 3 pieces: 1 comforter/duvet cover (104"Wx90"L) and 2 king pillow shams (20"x36").

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Prices are tiered based on quantity. For bulk orders, please contact us for pricing details before placing your order.

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The lead time for custom products is typically 7 business days. However, the specific time-frame may vary depending on the quantity of customization required.