Winter Warmth Essentials: Unveiling the Secrets of Napped Fabrics

Winter Warmth Essentials: Unveiling the Secrets of Napped Fabrics - Sleepbella

In the cold winter, many home textile sets are also a little cold, so when consumers choose home textiles in winter, many people will consider home textile bedding with brushed fabrics! What kind of fabric is brushed fabric, and why do you feel warm when you choose home textile bedding with brushed fabrics in winter?

What is brushed?

The "hair" is made by grinding with sand leather. The whole process is as follows: first dip and roll the raising agent, dry and stretch it, and then perform brushing finishing on a special brushing machine.

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After the general grey cloth is pre-treated (desizing, scouring, back bleaching, mercerizing, etc.), the cloth surface is very smooth and flat. Brushing is to rub the cloth surface with a roller wrapped with sand leather to grind a layer of fluff on the cloth surface. Thereby changing the structural properties of the surface of the fabric, forming a fluffy feeling, just like the skin of a peach.

Therefore, brushing finishing is also called imitation peach skin (Peach Skin) finishing, sanded cloth is also called peach skin velvet cloth, or sanded cloth. According to the strength requirements, sanding is divided into deep grinding, medium grinding or shallow grinding. Home textile companies generally determine the degree of sanding according to the thickness of the fabric, product style, feel and other requirements.

There are many types of sanding, such as ordinary sanding, water sanding, carbon brushing, etc., sanding has sand leather sanding, such as the common full polyester velvet, peach skin velvet, all-cotton Italian velvet, etc. on the market, steel thorn sanding such as Lycra rack velvet, warp and weft knitting various sanding cloth.

According to the different fabrics, different numbers of sand leather are wrapped, and then the cloth surface is on the high-speed sand leather roller of the sanding machine, giving a certain tension, slowly passing through, after the friction of the six sand leather rollers on the cloth surface, the cloth surface has dense fluff.

Sanded products are a kind of functional product, which is a post-finishing of printing and dyeing. Sanded bedding is soft, warm and comfortable to use in winter, and the price is relatively high, because the hair must be good, and active printing must be required. Brushed fabric is a kind of cotton fabric that is formed by the friction between the brushing machine and the diamond sand leather, and only changes in appearance. That is to say, while retaining the original performance of the fabric, a layer of short fluffy feeling is formed on the surface of the fabric. While giving the fabric a new style, it not only reduces the thermal conductivity of the brushed fabric, but also increases the warmth and softness. Its color is eye-catching, the hand feels soft, and the appearance is plump and pleasing.
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Advantages of brushed fabric
Consumers especially use it very close to the body, a warm, soft and comfortable feeling, the color is as new as ever. Due to the unique process, the brushed product will not fade, pilling and other qualities, which is much better than ordinary cotton fabrics, and the weight is also much heavier than ordinary cotton materials.

As a new fabric process, brushing enhances the softness and warmth of the fabric while giving the fabric a new style. Whether in terms of hand feel, comfort or appearance, it is better than non-brushed fabrics, especially suitable for use in winter, and has become a new favorite in the fabric market in recent years.

Therefore, the brushed four-piece suit is more suitable for winter than other four-piece suits made of different fabrics. Because the advantage of brushed fabric is that it fits close to the body when used, giving people a very warm and soft feeling.

Application scope of brushed fabric
Fabrics of any material, such as cotton, polyester-cotton, wool, silk, polyester fiber (chemical fiber) and other fabrics, and any fabric organization, such as plain, twill, satin, jacquard and other fabrics can use this process.

Classification of brushed fabrics
According to the dyeing and finishing process, brushed fabrics include dispersed printing brushed fabrics, paint printing brushed fabrics, jacquard brushed fabrics, pure dyeing brushed fabrics, etc.

Several misunderstandings:
1) Brushed fabrics can only be wool and cotton. In fact, any fabric organization can be brushed.
2) Blending must produce long plush. This is a misunderstanding of the concept. Home textile companies can determine the wool feel based on the thickness, style, and feel of the fabric.


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